Angelique Lange, LMSW

Angelique Lange


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Do you feel lost?

Are you confused that you find yourself feeling alone, surrounded by stress of family, anxiety of everyday life, and fear that nothing will ever change? You play the part well of the person that everyone wants you to be, and yet you don’t even know who you are anymore.

You look around and realize that you’re not where you thought you’d be at this point in life.

It’s not your fault. You are not a failure! You just find yourself temporarily paralyzed regarding your current career, relationships, and life in general. How can you get out of this confusion, refocus and move your life forward?

Let's find direction.

I understand how hard and heavy that feeling is, being lost in the maze of life. I understand each day feels harder and harder and is sucking every ounce of energy out of you. I will be honest… the stress and anxiety will not totally disappear, but we can find ways to help you cope with the challenges more effectively and find contentment through all the chaos.

Guess what? You’ve already made that first hard step. You’re here acknowledging you need help and searching for a way out of your rut. You’re ready to feel at peace with where you are. Ready to feel confident to move forward.

You’re here because you’re ready to make a change.

I'm ready to help you make these changes.

I’m Angelique Lange. I’m a Licensed Master’s Social Worker (LMSW) and I’ve been helping people move forward in their lives for over 20 years. During my career I’ve had the honor of guiding many, many clients toward the path of healthy functioning. 

After years of success in helping others reach their goals, the highlights of my career have been witnessing their transformations. I’d love the opportunity to help you as well.

Contact me for a free consultation so we can discuss working together.

Angelique Lange, LMSW