About Angelique Lange

Angelique Lange, LMSW

When I was young, I had to learn to try new things, because the patterns I thought I was supposed to follow did not work for me. I began to question assumptions and make changes. This mindset eventually led me to my second career — being a therapist.

I’ll be honest, when I first started studying psychology, it was to gain a better understanding of myself. I wanted the deepest understanding of my emotional health possible. I began to understand the reasons why certain areas of my life were not working. Over time, when I saw just how effective this work can be, I became passionate about helping others.

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The highlights of my career have been witnessing the transformations my clients are able to achieve. For example, I’ve assisted many clients change behavior patterns that were destructive in their relationships. Many clients come to me for help when ruminating thoughts and worries begin to take over their lives.  A number of my clients have thanked me for helping them create more balance in their lives, so that they can focus on the things they really value. In addition to serving clients in Michigan, I am registered as an online provider for Florida residents, I provide online therapy to international clients, and am a Certified Clinical Anxiety Treatment Professional (CCATP). I’ve been providing counseling to active duty military personnel across the US and abroad for a number of years. I’m also currently providing therapy to military veterans.
Angelique Lange, LMSW

I hope you’ll contact me so I’ll have a chance to work with you as well!