Anxiety & Stress

  • What am I doing?
  • What am I not doing?
  • Am I doing enough?
  • Is what I’m doing good enough?

Believe it or not, we have been conditioned to think a certain way from childhood to adulthood. Patterns that can be positive or negative. You have been repeating the same patterns and cannot even think of other ways of handling things. Those things don’t change or improve, so self-doubt starts seeping into your thoughts: “What is wrong with me?”

Trying to make sense of it all, you then beat yourself up over everything you do and say. Anger and hopelessness become your friends.

The struggle of not being able to communicate your thoughts effectively, only aggravates the situation so you just shut down and tuck it away. Those thoughts fester and eventually surface with unhealthy results.

The good news is, with work, you can change those patterns.

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